Evaluating Purdue Football Recruiting

It’s the summer, which means that no one has anything to talk about in either of Purdue’s two major sports other than recruiting. A lot of (digital) ink has been spilled within Purdue’s fanbase discussing Purdue’s role within the college football landscape, both in terms of where we are today, and where we can reasonably […]

South End Zone

Morgantown…Built By Hope

In case you missed it today, Purdue released information on their plans for the south end zone area. Travis has the rundown here. The renderings are actually quite nice, so if it winds up looking like that I think it will be somewhat better than what’s usually in the end zone – fans of the […]

14-15 Purdue Basketball Haase is tall

Isaac Haas Shops at Big & Tall Stores

The attached photo caused some ripples on the tweetermachine over the weekend, as Purdue fans noted that yes, AJ Hammons is indeed in this photo and no, AJ isn’t sitting on a stool or something. Isaac Haas is just that massive. While I would like to caution everybody to remember that Haas is going to […]

US soccer

US Misses Opportunity…And Futbol Notes

Yesterday, a somewhat frenzied interweb excitedly awaited the US’ opportunity to clinch early entry into the tournament round of the World Cup. Yeah, I’m sure I got some terms wrong in that sentence, and I don’t care. First off, I’ve heard the tournament called the knock-out round. That’s as dumb as the NCAA tournament calling […]

Homage to Tiller, Mollenkopf, The Cradle and The Den could all be employed on a new field turf design. 
designed by: R. Dowd 6/19/14

Field Turf Debate…and My Solution

In case you haven’t seen it, the turf at Ross-Ade looks pretty shabby right about now…And it has since the advent of spring. I know, I know, it’s not football season right now…and the field did look great, especially at the beginning of the season last year. BUT, as the season progressed, especially in November, […]

Burke Curious, Bron Classy, Boilers ‘Cruiting

J posted a solid piece of satire last week after toning it down a few times at my request. The first time I read it, I laughed aloud a few times and felt like it needed to be up on the site due to the optics of the end zone seats being demolished. That said, […]

Ross-Ade demo

Purdue Elects To Drop Football; Ross-Ade To Be Torn Down Immediately

In a move many Purdue fans find themselves apathetic about, the university has elected to drop football as a varsity sport effective immediately. The move caught many by surprise. “It’s a tough blow,” said sophomore QB Danny Etling. “It seems especially contradictory to the ‘One Brick Higher’ mantra around here.” Coach Hazell was more philosophical. […]


So you’re telling me it’s good???

On the Knucklehead Board and on Twitter, I’ve heard that crappy EsPN afternoon shows are talking about the selfie-P. Good, I guess. I will agree that it’s good to see our alma mater being talked about on a sporty-esque network like EsPN in the afternoon…but I’m not so sure that all publicity is good publicity […]

Your photo here Purdue helmet

Here’s a Helmet Idea That WASN’T Stolen

After doggedly refusing to alter Purdue’s helmets at all (except in ways in which Nike approved) Darrell Hazell and company managed to get a black lid approved last year that a student conceived. Now, apparently, the successful performance by Purdue football last season has apparently warranted some more variations. This one, though, I think we […]

Ryan Cline Picks Purdue

Well, we all know how our beloved leaders here at BoiledSports feel about recruiting, but in an act of defiance in my second post ever, I’m going to talk a little about Purdue’s latest commit, 2015 guard Ryan Cline from Carmel, IN. If the BS HR department wants to come after me for this blatant […]

Purdue DC points by season; hint: 1000 is not graphed

Morgan Burke’s Seven-Year Plan

This is the first in a series of posts that will examine Morgan Burke’s tenure at Purdue in some detail. At times, when the football or men’s basketball team has struggled, one response has been that Burke has been focusing on improving the athletic program as a whole, rather than just the revenue sports. We’re […]

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 1.12.20 AM

Without Results, Words Are Just Platitudes

Maybe you feel like me… My Passion Bucket is nearly dry*; my Love Tank is on E**…no, I’m not talking about my wife or my family; this isn’t time for counseling on the important stuff. But, my favorite diversion, the very reason for the founding of this site with my pal J, has lost a […]

Andy and J

Want a More Worthwhile Donation Cause Than Purdue Athletics?

Well, you’re in luck! You can donate here! Today is the 17th annual Miles for Matheny event, which raises money for the place that has cared for my brother for more than 35 years and given him a life beyond what you might think is possible. The Matheny Center of Medicine and Dentistry where more than […]


Neubert Responds?

Our column (or “rant,” as many of you took to calling it) about losing patience with being patient garnered some attention last week, including (maybe?) from Gold and Black Illustrated’s own Brian Neubert. In a column in Gold & Black Express, all-around good guy Neubert said the following: Some fans say they’re tired of being […]


I’m Tired of Being Patient

I had originally penned this post back in March, when the basketball season had (mercifully) ended, which had followed football season mercifully ending. I was pissed and tired of being told to be patient. My post basically was a scorched-earth missive – I took a flamethrower to everyone and everything even tangentially related to Purdue […]