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The BS Predicto Standings

One thing we haven’t looked at all season are the Predicto Standings here at BS. Now that we’ve got five us picking the games, we have occasionally differed on the outcomes. This made the old guys look smart when J and Dowd picked the Boilers to beat Illinois and nobody else did. It didn’t make […]

Purdue celebrating vs BYU

The Hammonster Strikes in Maui

On Wednesday evening, the Boiled Sports offices were completely empty as we dismissed the team early to gather with their families. That evening, the Boilers played their final game in Maui before heading back to the lovely November weather stateside. The game was officially for fifth place in the Maui Invitational and was against BYU, who […]

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Bucketing the Trend – the IU Predicto

Purdue and Indiana have been playing for an old slop-bucket since 1925. They’ve been playing against one another since 1891 and continuously since 1920 (a few years were missed due to wartime, though, interestingly, WWII did not interrupt the series). IU has only won the bucket four times since Joe Tiller rode into town. Tiller […]

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One Day Makes a Big Difference in Maui for the Good Guys

22 hours ago, Purdue played a flat brand of basketball that put them in a hole which they couldn’t dig themselves out of. Today, Purdue came out motivated and knocked Mizzou on its heels from the jump. Hammons got in early foul trouble again, but Purdue’s turnover disease didn’t really rear its ugly head until […]

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BS Handsome Hour #83, Part 2

And now, the exciting conclusion of the 83rd edition of the Handsome Hour. If you enjoyed part 1, tune in for part 2. With this episode you get two cases of mighty putty, the entire set of steak knives and a Morgan Burke collectible sweatervest. Subscribe in a reader

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BS Handsome Hour #83, Part 1

Your long wait is over. The Handsome Hour returns, with another two-parter (more due to file size limitations than anything but we never mind being told we’re “too big”). In it, J and Boilerdowd discuss the state of Purdue’s football program, overall Purdue sports malaise, braindead Purdue lunkheads, and other topics. Of particular fun is […]

Choo Choo.

Boilers Leave No Doubt on Senior Day

A four win team versus a three win team this late in the season usually means a bit of a rock fight…perhaps a back-and-fourth game that no one cares about outside of these two fan bases. Half of that was right. Purdue turned the ball over again and again to start the game…then allowed a […]


The Non-Exhibition, Exhibition Games: What We’ve Learned

319, 315, 351. Those are the three KenPom ranks of Purdue’s opponents thus far. I was tempted to write a recap of the Grambling State game, but decided against it because a.) They are the worst Division-I team according the Ken Pom and b.) There isn’t much to say about a 52-point win. Really, there isn’t […]

Pat Fitzgerald

Feeling Catty – The Northwestern Predicto

If it feels like Purdue has barely played football over the past month, it’s because they barely have! But unlike 2013, this is because they didn’t have games scheduled rather than having them scheduled and just not showing up. Purdue returns to the field of play this weekend against the enigma that is Northwestern football. […]

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BTN Kicks Boilers Back Into the Basement

You know, it’s one thing for the crappy network to decide not to televise Purdue’s exhibition games…it’s quite another for pre-conference home games not to be televised. I’ve been beating this drum on Twitter and directed my comments squarely at the interns running the network’s twitter feed…and they’ve noticed. Good. I hope they’re reading this […]

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Purdue Basketball Beat: Season 2 Episode 3

FIRST PODCAST EPISODE WITH REAL GAMES! This week, Michael, Andy and Aneesh recap Purdue’s first three games (Samford, IUPUI, and Grambling State), continue to fawn over tha gawd Vince Edwards, reflect on the Boilermakers’ point guard rotation, praise the Indy(IU)Star on their Bob Kravitz/Gregg Doyel switch, and preview the upcoming Maui Invitational. Purdue’s first game […]

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When Playing Out the String Matters

So after another bye, the Boilers should be nice and rested and ready for their two remaining games. A couple of weeks ago, many of us were (cautiously) saying, “Wow, with how bad Northwestern and IU look, Purdue can realistically go 5-7.” While 5-7 is nothing to boast about, it’s a tremendous step forward from […]

Boilermakers head to Maui for Invitational 

The Purdue Boilermakers will get their first true test of the season this weekend when they head out to the Maui Invitational. Taking place at the Lahaina Civic Center, the Maui Invitational will feature several marquee programs, including the Arizona Wildcats, currently the 2nd ranked team in the nation. Purdue will begin play in the bracket against […]



Starters: Jon Octeus, Rapheal Davis, Kendall Stephens, Vince Edwards, AJ Hammons Finishers: PJ Thompson, Dakota Mathias, Kendall Stephens, Vince Edwards, AJ Hammons What happened? Ok. I’m gonna try to keep it even-keeled here. OAINUWEFVQPIRUGNFPQORGHPQORWIGJQPORIGJQF PORINFPORQGNQORUGNPQTYUN5EIWUTYHDFIGJUNW P;LEGHXDFIGNUWERGJNSLFBOVJINQ;LRJEGNPUBVSI UEGNSLOKJIGFNS;LEIGNJWUVNXZLSGNJSVUS;KLJHNS LBUSKJGNOQ;LEJIGNQLIGNZ;LNOZ;LINEOT;WIGN;XD LFKBNSOIHFUHNREJTQN;KJNXVOIRN *deep breaths* Let’s start over. I feel like it’s been clear, from my past gushings on […]