Purdue vs MSU

East Lansing is a Whore

I don’t think most Purdue fans felt Purdue was going to walk into Columbus or East Lansing and roll to wins. However, the Boilers held a 12 point lead at OSU and let it slip away and then tonight got out to a nine point lead before rolling over like Boilerdowd on a Saturday night […]


Bubble Watch: Missed Opportunities

The Good Guys went into Columbus and came back with a moral victory, the kind that only makes contrarians happy. That was probably the least likely game to win that Purdue has left, barring a Saturday or Sunday matchup with Wisconsin in Chicago … and you could argue, given Painter’s relative success against Wisconsin, that […]


WE WENT THERE: Purdue at Ohio State

I went to the Purdue-OSU game in Columbus. Here are some scattered thoughts from my night. We grabbed dinner at DiBella’s, which is apparently a franchised sandwich shop I’ve never seen. I had the chicken Philly with everything on it, and it was absolutely delicious, and I recommend everyone to get in on the action […]

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Boilers Fade in Columbus

How Bad is it? Will Hammons ankle injury hamper him in the final two regular season games? Is he that good? Yes, D’Angelo Russell is one of the best players in America. Still on the bubble? Boilers miss golden opportunity in Columbus to shore up NCAA tourney birth.   aOSU has been a house of […]

Painter mad

Bubble Watch: Another One Bites The Dust

Running a little late today because I went to see the other kind of hoopyball, the kind where they play so many games that you can rest your best player and no one even bats an eye. It’s OK though, because at dinner before the game, my friend and I noticed that BTN was running […]

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Defense Rests: Boilers Check Knights, 92-85

photo credit: AP Photo/Michael Conroy If you tuned in Thursday night to watch Purdue crush Rutgers to send the Big Tenteen a message on a night that yet another top team fell (Michigan State in East Lansing, courtesy of Minnesota, an especially bad loss given how the Gophers have played in conference play) … you didn’t […]

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Bubble Watch: A Little Help From Our Friends

The Good Guys had the weekend “off”, doing the things that basketball players do when they don’t have a game over the weekend. (It’s true; it wasn’t just that you don’t get the magic channel on which BTN hid the Boilers this time.) But the Bubble Watch marches on, partly because Mondays and Fridays are […]

Octeus Jumpman

Bubble Watch: Oh Yes He Did

I’ll admit it. I missed it. I was playing Gauntlet, looking down at my iPad from time to time as it merrily streamed ESPN. This is partly because I struggle to do just one thing at a time and partly because I do not enjoy hearing IU fans make noise. So I suddenly hear all this […]

Hammons IU


Starters: Jon Octeus, Dakota Mathias, Ray Davis, Vince Edwards, AJ Hammons Finishers: Bryson Scott, Kendall Stephens, Ray Davis, Vince Edwards, AJ Hammons   What happened? Things you should absolutely remember from tonight: Purdue beat IU in Assembly Hall, 67-63, sweeping the Hoosiers for the first time since 2011. Purdue has won 7 of their last […]

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Purdue kicked IU in the teeth at Mackey Arena last month. It was super fun, and national writers praised the atmosphere in West Lafayette. Unfortunately for the Good Guys, Ass(embly) Hall will probably be just as insane. LET’S PREDICT THINGS. General notes: Next year IU and Purdue will only place once, at Assembly Hall. Another […]

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Bubble Watch: A New Hope

When last we left our heroes, they were a few steps away from the dance, but with several games in which those steps could be taken. Sure enough, Saturday’s game was a small step in the right direction, as a boring old win turned out to be slightly better for Purdue’s hopes than I’d expected. […]


Hammons’ Henchmen Halt Huskers

First of all, let me just say that I continue to be amazing at the never-end carousel of crappy announcers that the Big 10 Network continues to roll out. Today’s Idiot of the Day goes to Bob Wenzel, who time and time again convinced me that he spent a grand total of zero hours researching […]

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Bubble Watch: Holding Steady

As J pointed out this week, the Boilers aren’t out of the NCAA hunt yet, but I think we’re all in agreement that they’ve got some work left to do. Joe Lunardi has Purdue as the first team in the Next Four out as of Thursday, which is significantly better than they’d been a few […]

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Boilers Roll Over Rutgerzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Big Players play big: Hammons playing well, consistently Where’s the Kid?: Stephens continues to turn the ball over and shoot poorly Synopsis: An ugly B1G road win is still beautiful.   A total of three players scored in double digits in Purdue’s first visit to play Rutgers as a B1G foe…on both teams. The guy […]

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Will There Be a Black and Gold Postseason?

It’s been a popular topic in the halls of Boiled Sports for a while now – whether or not this team can make the NCAA Tourney. At the start of the season, Aneesh and Michael – firmly entrenched in the Joe Tiller trademarked “manage your expectations” mindset – warned everyone not to hope for too much. […]