Mostert carries Boilers

Mostert Carries Boilers to Opening Win

If you’ve seen Raheem Mostert return kickoffs or run a track and field race, you know he’s fast. But speed doesn’t always translate into a player being a good running back. He played RB in spot duty for Coach Hope…and tried again a bit last year, but couldn’t avoid coughing the ball up…so he’s never started […]


#WEWANTBAMA: Purdue beats a real football team!

Swamy’s Internal Monologue: Hmmm…the guys asked me to take this post-game. Should I talk about how mediocre we looked? Should I remain realistic, and talk about how shaky Etling looked in his second year starting? Should I be concerned that our entire strategy revolves around the extraordinary abilities of Mostert and Hunt, while no other […]


Jump for Joy: Football is Back, So is the Predicto

We know your favorite Friday ritual during football season is to swing by here and see what the BS guys have to say about the on-field shenanigans taking place the following day. Well, we aim to please and so the Predicto returns and unlike last year, it’s just chock full o’ optimism! J sez: This […]

Hazell at Ross-Ade

The Season Ahead

They did it to you again, didn’t they? They sucked you back in. Just as we all knew they would. After last season’s performance, nobody wanted to see Purdue football for a while. Just go back to your room, Boilermakers, and think about what you’ve done. Then the spring came and Purdue basketball had us […]


The Great Purdue eBay Adventure

Hi. It’s been a while, and I’ve missed you all dearly. This summer has brought some basketball and football recruiting news, demolished seats in Ross-Ade, the construction of a backyard patio setup in the south end zone, pictures of 7-foot centers looking hilariously massive, a quarterback contest that seemed to be won by default, a […]

Etling named the starter for 2014 opener

Appleby v. Etling Winner?

You all know by now that Etling was named the starter yesterday by Shoop/Hazell…I don’t have a huge problem with it, but am not sure this was ever a competition. Perhaps the word competition isn’t quite right…it was really just a test. This test was put in place to see if the incumbent starter could […]

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 11.34.44 PM

Something Rotten in South Bend

I grew up a Notre Dame fan actually. I was raised in a Catholic household in central Indiana; they would have thrown me out of the club if I wasn’t one. Why? Well, a.) kids are front-runners, and b.) it was a hell of a lot more fun cheering for the Irish than it was Purdue. […]

Blough, Appleby and Etling

Boilers Win First Fall Scrimmage

Around 1,000 die hard Boilermaker fans came to Ross-Ade for a scrimmage earlier today…but sadly, I wasn’t one of them. I spent the day with LBD and Mrs. BDowd…so I wasn’t able to watch the jersey scrimmage today in God’s country…but that’s not gonna stop me from giving you a little BS taste of what […]

How many ex-Boilers can you name???

Alumni Game Rekindles the Old Fire

If you read my thoughts on the upcoming football season in the wake of the B1G Media Days, you might not have been too stoked about what lies ahead…but the problem that I have with PR and media appearances is simple- old problems are still there until we see something that proves otherwise. Conversely, there […]

Sr. LB Sean Robinson at media day

“We’re not good enough to miss that stuff”

In a typical July/August, the B1G media days are like a appetizer for the tantalizing main course that is nearly upon us…In a normal year, we’ve been hungry…starving even…as we’ve patiently awaited our table to become available. But honestly, this year, the in-shell peanuts have been enough to make me just OK with waiting; Last […]

Ross-Ade empty vs Wis homecoming

What Will Bring You Back to Ross-Ade?

It has not been entirely lost on Purdue often-times thick-headed athletic department that getting fans to pile into Ross-Ade may be a daunting task this fall. It became evident during Danny Hope’s tenure that it simply wasn’t enough to have 4-6 wins each year and to beat up on the occasional patsy. Darrell Hazell immediately […]


Outlets Reporting Purdue Football Was Bad in 2013

In case you slept through last season or suffered a head injury that allowed you to block out Purdue football 2013, you’re quite aware that they were not good. What’s become clear is that now as different sites and writers are analyzing last season and putting together their previews for this season, everyone else is […]


Purdue Alumni Game Set for Aug 2

The second Purdue alumni basketball game will be held on Saturday, August 2 at noon in Mackey Arena. I guess that’s when the A/C will be installed (*rim shot*). Tickets will be just $10 in the lower section, $5 upper general admission and I believe students can get a ticket apiece for free. Travis and […]

Evaluating Purdue Football Recruiting

It’s the summer, which means that no one has anything to talk about in either of Purdue’s two major sports other than recruiting. A lot of (digital) ink has been spilled within Purdue’s fanbase discussing Purdue’s role within the college football landscape, both in terms of where we are today, and where we can reasonably […]

South End Zone

Morgantown…Built By Hope

In case you missed it today, Purdue released information on their plans for the south end zone area. Travis has the rundown here. The renderings are actually quite nice, so if it winds up looking like that I think it will be somewhat better than what’s usually in the end zone – fans of the […]