Appleby connects on one of a couple TDs

Scrimmage notes

I’ve read what you have- whether the Journal and Courier or Gold and Black…and listened to what you’ve heard- whether via the BTN’s scant coverage of our Boilers or Indy and Fort Wayne affiliates talking about our Boilers. But earlier today, I finally took the 1.5 hour journey to watch our Boilers play with themselves […]

Neil Armstrong hall of eng

No, OSU Fans, Neil Didn’t Claim the Moon for You

There are fighting words and then there are words worth fighting about. As any Boilermaker knows, Neil Armstrong, first man to set foot on the moon, is a proud alum of Purdue. He graduated from Purdue in 1955 and after his moonwalking days, he also completed his M.S. at Southern Cal. Do you know where he […]


Who Needs Receivers?

Seth at MGoBlog took a look at conference receiving over the last decade, and I noticed something as I was scanning the table with NFL draft picks in it. No Boilers, no Boilers … hmm, no Purdue WRs drafted by the NFL in the last 10 years. So I figured I’d ask p-f-r, because it […]

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Handsome Hour 87 – Mobile Edition

J and Boilerdowd go on the road and record this episode in transit. It’s like old times — as in, old timey radio. Listen as your two original favorite Purdue podcasting heroes discuss the depression one falls into when thinking about 2015 Purdue football, but also the excitement when looking ahead to 2015-16 Purdue basketball. It’s […]


2014-15: The Year That Wasn’t

It’s August 2014. Classes are starting, athletes are returning to campus, and the hard work done during Morgan Burke’s Seven-Year Plan has come to fruition. This is the year that Purdue will average a top-25 finish in every sport, right? Right?


Are You Excited?

College football is a mere three-ish weeks away. Are you excited yet? If you’re an idiot like several of us here at BS, yes, you are – even though you have limited optimism in your bones about Purdue football. But that’s okay, because college football is a fun time no matter whether your team is […]

Get on board, these guys are driving the train.

The Disrespect is Like a Cozy Robe

It’s funny, our Boilers made a tiny bit of noise last winter when  February run helped them dig out of a hole that they had made for themselves in December. Purdue never reached the top-25…but they beat some good teams along the way and reminded us what it feels like to have fun in a […]


Purdue Football — A BS Therapy Session

We’re about a month out and Big Ten media days just happened. While everyone seems ready and willing to skip to basketball season, reports are surfacing that Purdue will in fact be required to field a football team in 2015. In case you’ve forgotten or blotted it out with scotch….Coach Hazell’s Purdue resume: 1-11 in […]

Tiller YEAH

Joe Tiller: Morgan Burke Isn’t a Football Guy

For those of you in the Indy area, you may be aware of a drive time radio program hosted by Derek Schultz and a guy Schultz has to carry on his back every day. One of their features is a “Catching Up With…” segment where they… uh… catch up with someone from Indiana sports lore. […]


Ryan Kerrigan is perfect

Ryan Kerrigan is a superstar, and he just got resigned by the Washington Professional Football team to a 5 year, $57.5M extension, and he’s super boring, and I love him so much. This profile done in the Washington Post is pretty much perfection, and everyone needs to take ten minutes and read it immediately. Ryan Kerrigan […]

Chris Howell | Herald-Times
Purdue fans during the Indiana Purdue men's college basketball game at Mackey Arena, at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind., Wednesday, January 28, 2015.

Getting High In July (On Purdue Basketball)

It’s been a while since we did an old-fashioned BS roundtable – or at least since we did one worth posting. One thing that I keep thinking about is the way that so many people already seem all in on Purdue basketball for ’15-’16, largely thanks to Swanigan coming here and, of course, AJ coming […]

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Purdue Basketball Beat #25: Season 3 Episode 1

WE COMPLETELY ARBITRARILY START SEASON 3 OF THE PURDUE BASKETBALL BEAT with Aneesh and Michael talking about Caleb Swanigan’s Team USA U19 Gold Medal experience, Swanigan’s ability to easily adapt to any on-court situation and his reportedly beastly work ethic, Vince Edwards’ Team USA tryout, and Isaac Haas working out for the Pan Am games. […]

Gelen Robinson vs ND

Gelen Robinson’s Arrest Violated Prior Agreement

As most of you likely know, sophomore defense end Gelen Robinson — son of Purdue basketball great Glenn Robinson — was arrested over the weekend for driving under the influence and having an open alcoholic beverage in his vehicle. Gelen just turned 20 less than two weeks ago and thus also was driving over the legal limit […]

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Purdue is About to Make You Rich

That’s right, if you have $10,000 lying around, you could be a millionaire in December, if you follow my foolproof plan: Bet on the Boilers.

2010 vs 2015

Who wins: 2009-2010 vs 2015-2016 Purdue Basketball?

Ok. I get it. This is a ridiculous thought exercise, because that 2010 team has three jerseys in the rafters, one of the best leaders in Purdue history, and chemistry out the wazoo. But that 2009-2010 team was the best Baby Boilers team, and Robbie got this question during his delightful Campus Insiders analysis segment, […]

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All the hype about hype (and notes)

When Lebron was in HS, we were told he was the king. That was tough to swallow for a guy like me who thinks things should be earned…and call me crazy, but dominating AAU and winning Ohio state championships isn’t exactly the pinnacle. When Tiger Woods was on talk shows at age two…the world noticed…then, […]

Is that one guy going to post again or what?

Sorry folks, it’s been a busy summer. boilerdowd and I came to the realization that one town just wasn’t big enough to handle two men as handsome as us, so I graciously volunteered to occupy another town, allowing us to gradually expand our stranglehold on the Indianapolis area until the entire eight-county region is under […]

PUR Robbie Hummel predictions

Rob Hummel Shows His Analytical Skillz

You already saw Rob Hummel give his quick hit predictions on Purdue basketball for ’15-’16. Now he sits down for a longer segment with Campus Insiders to discuss the upcoming season. Topics include whether or not this is Coach Painter’s most talented team ever, AJ Hammons, Johnny Hill and whether a Final Four could be possible. […]

Andy and J (1)

Hey, Let Me Pickpocket You

Do you like what we do here? What’s it worth to you? A nickel? Then here’s what I ask: Consider donating that nickel to a cause that is very near and dear to my heart – the school and hospital that my brother has been a resident of for over 35 years. This year’s walk […]