An Empty Ross-Ade greets Boilers

Boilers Go Green; Give us a Glimpse of the Future?

There were so many empty seats today in Ross-Ade that as I texted all of my pals before the game, we all told each other that there was plenty of room nearby in each group of seats (in case they wanted to…you know…stop by and stay a while). But my Dad and his pal won […]


Purdue beats SIU 35-13 and that’s all you should know

Well, Purdue beat Southern Illinois 35-13, and it was by theoretically a handful of points, and if you didn’t watch the second half and just looked at the box score it was a successful outing…so, can we just stop the postgame analysis there? *checking my earpiece* The bosses say no. Sigh. Ok, let’s start with […]

Ross Ade panoramic fisheye

SET IT UP – THE SIU Predicto

As with many years, the disappointment/afterglow following the Notre Dame contest can take many forms. As with many Boilermaker teams of recent years, it’s hard to know what’s going to happen next. But there is a lot of football let to be played, as the Boilers still have another game before conference play begins with […]

Purdue flag over Lucas Oil

Observations from Lucas Oil

Sure, this is a couple days late, but this is our site and not yours. So take that. Also, it took a couple days for us to get the stink of Notre Dame fatboys (like fanboys, but fatter) off of us. Some observations, with no particular structure… First off, big thanks to Chad, a regular […]

Boilers Lose Script, Aren’t Crushed By Irish

After the first two weeks, it’d be understandable if Purdue lifted its collective head from the wreck that is the Big Tenteen West only long enough to have it stepped on by Everett Golson and the rest of the Irish steamroller, fresh off its new “relationship” with the ACC and a great start to the […]


It All Ends – the ND Predicto

Saturday night marks the end of the non-rivalry (as Domers have told us) between Purdue and Notre Dame football. I mean, sure, the two programs have played 69 consecutive years, but who really thinks that counts as a rivalry game? The Boilermakers are 25-55-2 against the Irish all time, so one might argue it’s good […]

Purdue 2012 coaching candidates

So How Does Darrell Hazell Compare to the Other Candidates?

There’s been a lot of fair debate – justified to be discussed, no doubt – about Darrell Hazell’s performance so far as head coach of the Boilermakers. Some feel he’s in over his head or just not the coach we had hoped he was. At BS, we still feel it’s too early to make such […]


Big Ten Rivalry Night at Wrigley

Hey, do you like Cubs baseball? Would you like a Purdue-themed Cubs shirt and the chance to throw out the first pitch at a game? Then have we got a deal for you! It’s Big Ten Rivalry Nights at Wrigley. September 15 (yes, that’s next Monday) is a chance for you to join your fellow Purdue […]


When Does It Get Better?

Coach Hazell’s legendarily bad start at Purdue continued Saturday, as he fell to 2-13 as Boilermaker head coach and 1-13 versus FBS competition. If one assumes a shellacking is coming on Saturday versus the Irish and a win the following week versus a presumably overmatched FCS program, that will put us at the 1 ¼ […]

Etling has trouble handling the ball v. CMU earlier today

Salty Chips Smash Overmatched Boilers

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: Darrell Hazell’s team was down 14-0 before I even had a chance to get settled in my seat…and as stupid penalties mounted, the Boilers couldn’t even make it a game. Yeah, it happened again. A pick-six on a floater by Etling and a busted defense on a routine […]

Purdue conquering Michigan

Michigan Warfare – The CMU Predicto

The relentless machine of destruction that is the Purdue Boilermakers football team continues its assault this weekend, making its way eastward across the state of Michigan. They began in the West and while the resistence there was perhaps more concerning than General Hazell may have expected, the forces of good did win decisively and moved […]

Mostert carries Boilers

Mostert Carries Boilers to Opening Win

If you’ve seen Raheem Mostert return kickoffs or run a track and field race, you know he’s fast. But speed doesn’t always translate into a player being a good running back. He played RB in spot duty for Coach Hope…and tried again a bit last year, but couldn’t avoid coughing the ball up…so he’s never started […]


#WEWANTBAMA: Purdue beats a real football team!

Swamy’s Internal Monologue: Hmmm…the guys asked me to take this post-game. Should I talk about how mediocre we looked? Should I remain realistic, and talk about how shaky Etling looked in his second year starting? Should I be concerned that our entire strategy revolves around the extraordinary abilities of Mostert and Hunt, while no other […]


Jump for Joy: Football is Back, So is the Predicto

We know your favorite Friday ritual during football season is to swing by here and see what the BS guys have to say about the on-field shenanigans taking place the following day. Well, we aim to please and so the Predicto returns and unlike last year, it’s just chock full o’ optimism! J sez: This […]

Hazell at Ross-Ade

The Season Ahead

They did it to you again, didn’t they? They sucked you back in. Just as we all knew they would. After last season’s performance, nobody wanted to see Purdue football for a while. Just go back to your room, Boilermakers, and think about what you’ve done. Then the spring came and Purdue basketball had us […]