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Checking in on the BS Bracketgasm

Well, hello there. We’ve been a bit delinquent in providing observations and witty commentary on the BS Bracketgasm. Well, it’s Saturday now, we’re down to the Elite Eight and up is down, left is right, cats and dogs are living together… and several 1s and 2s have politely stepped out of the path of Kentucky […]

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No Viewing Guide today

Sorry folks, I got about halfway through it this morning before WordPress decided that I hadn’t actually typed or saved much. I knew there was a problem when it asked me to login again. Enjoy the games! I’ll be watching my DraftKings entry today … I made the finals of their $150K March Mania Cinderella […]

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NCAA Viewing Guide, Round Two – Saturday

So now that we’ve confirmed that the merit system the NCAA uses is to keep all qualified officials away from tournament play, to the point that if you heard Three Blind Mice during a game, it’d be an insult to blind creatures and mice. The teams that are left are advised not to put themselves […]

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NCAA Viewing Guide, Day Two Round One

The bulk of the conference prepares to wade through officiating that makes “conference” refs look like Hall of Fame officials. At least these guys are generally lousy in both directions: it’s easier to coach when you know you need an extra two or three points on your lead, as opposed to coaching in a five-on-eight […]

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Boilers get what they deserve in Louisville

I didn’t really want to write the wrap-up after tonight’s game…I was pretty angry earlier; thought I had cooled down, but probably had not settled down enough when I wrote the original post. Purdue didn’t win because they squandered a lead, were out-coached, didn’t shoot free throws well, made poor decisions down the stretch and weren’t opportunistic. That’s […]

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NCAA Viewing Guide, Day One Round One

Let’s take a quick look at what’s on tap this afternoon and evening. The NCAA tournament is for reals, so there won’t be any drinking games today. You’ll have to create your own. You’re all creative folks, so I don’t think that will be a problem. To the schedule!

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NIT-picking: Wednesday’s late games

Looks like the schedule cut me a break today – there are only two games after 9. I’d include the 8:00 Green Bay-Illinois State game, but that’d be cutting it a bit close. Besides, I have a reputation to uphold. Wait, maybe I should include it, then? Nah. Let’s get to the fun stuff.


Purdue-Cincinnati: So How Are You Feeling?

With a little over 29 hours to go before Purdue takes the floor against Cincinnati in Louisville, how are you feeling? It’s been a while since we got to experience those Christmas Eve butterflies of not only the NCAA tournament starting (yes, it doesn’t really start until Thursday, no matter what the stooges at the NCAA […]

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Purdue Basketball Beat: Season 2 Episode 10

COME PREVIEW THE NCAA TOURNAMENT with Michael and Aneesh on the latest edition of the Purdue Basketball Beat. We get in-depth about #9 Purdue’s matchups against #8 Cincinnati in Louisville, dive into Cincinnati’s resume, and revisit the entire BS crew’s preseason predictions for Purdue basketball in 2015. We also take a tentative look towards Kentucky, […]

Matty did everything possible to keep the flat Boilers' heads above water tonight...and earned the victory

Join Us; It’s the BS Bracketstravaganza

You know the whole “Let’s create a group and all compete against each other” bracket thing has jumped the shark when there’s a MFing Will Ferrell & Kevin Hart have a group just because they’re desperately trying to promote their unfunny, sh-tty-looking movie. Regardless, for about the 35th consecutive year (we’ll have the check the numbers), […]

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BS Shorts — Basketball Predicto Recap

It’s as good a time as any to look back at what each of us predicted for the basketball season in November. Join us for a stroll down memory lane, harkening back four months, when the expanse of the season lay before us and dark clouds may or may not have been forming over all of […]

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NIT-picking: Tuesday’s late games

So I had this idea that I should try to cover conference teams across the tournaments again this year, and maybe I’d also do more covering of all NIT games because that would be pretty cool, and then suddenly it was 8:00 Tuesday night and the Illini play at 9, so I thought it would […]


Scouting Report : Cincinnati

Purdue is seeded 9th in the NCAA Tournament opposite the Cincinnati Bearcats of the American Athletic Conference. For those of you who aren’t familiar, the AAC is a newly created conference consisting primarily of the former Big East schools that sponsor Division-I football programs (the Big East obviously still exists, they just booted the football schools […]

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Tournament Watch: Sunday Viewing Guide

For the first time in a few weeks, Purdue went into a game that had virtually no chance of hurting their tournament hopes, which is good, because the Boilers became the fifth NCAA-bound team (Boise State, UAB, Iowa, Ohio State) to lose to Wisconsin by 20 or more points. The Good Guys have a tournament bid […]

Kendall vs Wisc BTT

Boilers Bow Out of BTT; NCAA Tourney Awaits

The Boilers played their Big Ten Tournament semifinal game against Wisconsin this afternoon – for a half, anyway. Then Wisconsin did Wisconsin things, which you may find yourself both admiring and hating at the same time – and that’s understandable. But regardless, it added up to a 71-51 loss for the black and old gold. […]