Appleby hit while throwing one of two picks

Close Doesn’t Count in Minneapolis

If you want to, you can go back and read my predicto…if you don’t want to, I can tell you that I should buy a lottery ticket. I guessed right and got lucky. This game was close…Purdue was in the driver’s seat for about three quarters, but couldn’t seal the deal. Purdue’s game started and […]


The Minny Predicto – Gopher It!

The last time Purdue and Minnesota got together was also in the house that Glen Mason built up in Minny. (Incidentally, I’ve been referring to Ross-Ade for a while as now being the smallest venue in the Big Ten outside of Ryan Field, but that’s no longer true. Our new members play in smaller locales […]



Note: This is the third of the postseason Year In Review series. Click that shiny link to see them all. They will recap their 2013-2014 season, show their “GIF of the Year”, state my favorite nicknames, and give a best/worst case scenario for next season. Warning: stuff got real weird for my best/worst case scenarios. 2013-2014 season recap Last […]

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A few ideas as we look ahead to basketball

I wanted to post this…because I wanted to post this. Almost exactly a year ago, I coined a nickname that stuck. I thought it was good one (of course, I’m a touch biased)…but so did Shockingly, I didn’t even get a tip of the cap…oh well; I’ve grown to expect that. So now, here are […]

Hunt vs MSU

At Least We Now Have Hopes To Be Dashed

It’s amazing what a little progress will do for everyone’s mindset. Mere weeks ago, there were many suggesting that Darrell Hazell was in over his head and that John Shoop should be fired immediately (after being punched a few times, I think was the consensus). I wasn’t in the best of moods about things, either, […]

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Change Is Upon Us

It happened a year later than I thought it would, but a new culture is taking root in the halls of Mollenkopf…and finally, it’s not just platitudes that are the proof of real change. Last week, we had a reader say that Purdue was going the right direction under Danny Hope and all of the […]

Purdue special black yellow helmets

Getting Hammered Edition – the MSU Predicto

Purdue seems to really like rolling out special, alternate helmets against at home against opponents who are likely to wax our boys. The thing is, Purdue’s athletic department makes so many bonerbrained moves that this kind of doesn’t even get noticed by fans. Last year’s head-to-toe all black look and blackout theme came against OSU […]


Sometimes You Get Lucky

There’s a lot to be excited about with this year’s Purdue team. AJ Hammons is back and poised to become the focal point of both the offense and the defense. Last year’s freshmen have matured into sophomore leaders. The incoming freshman class is talented and hard-working. A difficult situation was jettisoned. Yet of course, there […]

Purdue wins cannon

Halfway Home

It’s kind of hard to believe, but Purdue has played six games and it officially at the halfway point of the season. They’re 3-3 at this point, which means they’re also halfway home to a bowl ga—okay, I’ll stop now, I just had a lot of celebratory brews this weekend. So what have we learned? […]

Purdue cannon

A Cure for All Ills – Purdue 38, Illinois 27

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a football team in possession of a bad record must be in want of a win. Happily, there are other teams also in possession of bad records – whether or not they are enhanced by wins over I-AA opponents – and thus, with tie games being a thing […]

I believe this is ours now.

Fire the Cannon! The Illinois Predicto!

Purdue plays a rivalry game this weekend, and as Dave details below, they’ve played many, many times – and for a trophy of sorts! And yet, does anyone care? Is there any animosity? Are there any memorable games between these two? I go back 20 years as a Purdue fan and I really can’t think […]

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Is Saturday a Must-Win?

J talked about how it’s probably time for Purdue to mix things up a bit…there’s little doubt about that. But the framework, the constants of this program are here and everyone needs to work around those. What are those constants? Darrell Hazell is a steady guy. He wears the same thing on game days…and at […]

Hazell laserface ND

So What Now?

As competition improves, Purdue seems to regress back to their offensively-inept ways from last year. The warning signs have been there, of course. Only winning by single-digits over Western Michigan, being manhandled by Central (seriously, they lost by three touchdowns at home to a really marginal MAC team), being a complete no show in the […]

Etling Iowa

OMHR Spots Purdue a Lead; Wins Anyway

Purdue winless skid in the Big Ten will inch at least another seven days closer to the 700 day mark, as the Boilers were unable to overcome a somewhat listless performance from Iowa today and lost on homecoming 24-10. An agreement was clearly reached between the two hated rivals prior to kickoff, as the Hawkeyes […]