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Ode to Matt Hasselbeck

I know we’re in the middle of Purdue football season…and this is a Purdue-centric site…but since I helped start this site, I can write about whatever inspires me to put the virtual pen to paper. If you haven’t heard Matt Hasselbeck’s postgame comments following the Texans game, I’d suggest you Google them and give them […]

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Gopher It – the Minnesota Predicto

Purdue last beat Minnesota in 2011, a 45-17 thrashing that gave Danny Hope’s first bowl team a 3-2 record at that point and 1-0 in the Big Ten. Last year, as you may recall, Purdue led 31-20 at the half in Austin Appleby’s second start before collapsing and losing 39-38. Many fans looked at the […]

BS Off-Topic – The Day We Helped Get a Meathead Suspended

If you’re an avid follower of all things Boiled Sports (and I’m sure you are) then today you may have noticed that we somehow managed to get some attention for a non-Purdue-related tweet. But let’s back up a bit. As the evening started, I settled in to watch the Yankees-Astros AL Wild Card game. As […]

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Purdue Basketball Beat #27: Season 3 Episode 3: Breaking Down the Backcourt

Aneesh and Andy join forces to talk about the backcourt rotation available to Purdue next year, and how Matt Painter’s Boilermakers can divide up minutes between PJ Thompson, Johnny Hill, Dakota Mathias, Kendall Stephens, Rapheal Davis, Ryan Cline, and Grant Weatherford. All that, plus redshirt talk, the eternal point guard debate, where the three point […]

Markell vs MSU 2015

Boilers Lose at MSU 24-21, But Inch Towards Progress

At halftime of today’s game, Purdue fans on twitter were commenting on finding other things to do for the rest of the day and on being apathetic. However, it shined a light on something for me – and that is, Purdue fans are the very opposite of apathetic. Purdue fans care, man. We all do. […]

One at a time, ladies... wait, what am I saying?

Sparty, (Oh) No! The MSU Predicto

The Boilermakers head to East Lansing today to take on #2 MSU. Purdue has played Michigan State reasonably tough for a while now, despite having not beaten them since a 17-15 win in 2006. Recent matchups have included the following: 2007: 48-31 2008: 21-7 2009: 40-37 2010: 35-31 2013: 14-0 2014: 45-31 So, yeah, they […]

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Handsome Hour 88 – Football Catharsis

J, Aneesh, and Michael needed some kind of coping mechanism for that nonconference slate, so we recorded a Boilerdowd-less #PodcastDay Boilermaker football Handsome Hour for you lovely listeners. We talk through our feelings through 28 games of the Darrell Hazell era, David Blough’s performance, the likely steps Hazell will take if this failure train contines, […]


Did You See That? Week 4 In the Big Ten and on Duck Hunting

College football offenses are now well-oiled, it seems. It’s not too far into the season that teams are tired and the weather is still good… but it’s been a few weeks so the kinks are worked out. Man, there were some points scored. Some monstrous blowouts and a few shootouts. Let’s get to it. Big […]

Blough Bowling Green

Boilers bumble against Bowling Green, 35-28

Bowling Green beat Purdue 35-28. Sigh. It was a football game played at Ross-Ade Stadium during the Darrell Hazell/John Shoop/Greg Hudson era in West Lafayette, so a few of the old standard goodies were dusted off. Complete lack of consistency on the defensive end. Uneven offensive playcalling. Tons of ill-timed penalties against a dangerous offense. […]

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PURDUE GOES BOWLING: It’s the Bowling Green Predicto

In what is likely the closest Purdue will get to going bowling this football season, the Boilers welcome the Bowling Green State Falcons to Ross-Ade. According to my research, the last time the Boilers and BGSU played was way back in 2003. It felt more recent to me but that’s because I’m old. Not old […]

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Remember The Name — Purdue Basketball Poster

Just to get you excited, the Purdue basketball schedule poster is out. It features the team lined up across the horizon of the photo, seemingly in a darkened Mackey. You can figure out who many of the players are (Isaac, you cannot hide), but the theme of the poster is “Remember the name.” I love […]

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Purdue Basketball Beat #26: Season 3 Episode 2, featuring Brian Neubert of GBI

Brian Neubert of Gold and Black Illustrated joins the Purdue Basketball Beat to talk about his journalism journey from Purdue to GBI, wading through social media for news, his writing approach, and some Yoda-like journalism advice. All that, plus Brian’s thoughts on Purdue’s recruiting philosophies, how he would change Signing Day, a few behind-the-curtain looks […]


The Depressing Timeline of Purdue Quarterbacks Since 2009

Does anyone want to feel the irresistible urge to day drink? Well have I got the pictures just for you. In honor of Purdue’s coaching staff naming redshirt freshman David Blough the starter for this weekend’s game against Bowling Green, I decided to take a half hour and chart every Purdue football quarterback that attempted […]

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Appleby Out, Blough In For Saturday

Austin Appleby has lost his starting job after a 2-8 career as a starter in college. As noted earlier today, Appleby has one win against FBS competition and it was in his first start, last year vs Illinois. He’s had leads several other times but has failed to close the games out. Is it fair […]

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Staring Down the Barrel of 1-7

As Saturday’s debacle wound down and since then, there have been many disgusted fans voicing their opinions on social media and this site. Some call for the firing of coordinators, others the AD. Still others thing everyone needs to go, including Coach Hazell. And then there are of course people who think a QB change […]

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Did You See That? Week 3 in the Big Ten and On Kicking Asses

College football is now a constant bender of awesomeness and adrenaline on Saturdays. That is, aside from Purdue’s games. The happenings around college football at once both remind of why I love the game and the season, but also that my program is barely playing the same sport. Let’s look around at what went down… […]

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By the Numbers: Second Verse, Same As the First

Halftime adjustments are a staple of college football and of football in general. You can’t make it to 1:30 without hearing an announcer talk about what to expect when the teams come out for the second half, and networks love to tell their sideline reporters to ask stupid questions about adjustments so that we can hear […]

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Still Freezing in Football Siberia

You have to look back to 2011 to find a game that gives Purdue fans a tangible reason* for hope.  That season, Purdue beat a bad aOSU team, won two road B1G games, Beat IU pretty soundly and won a low level bowl versus a MAC squad. And we were all thinking things could be better. […]

VT Ford

Hokies Halt Hazell’s Hope, 51-24

Welp, that didn’t end up as fun as it started. Purdue dropped their home test against Virginia Tech 51-24, after having the game tied at 17 with 2 minutes left in the first half. Unfortunately, the pre-game prediction that any high VT scoring would be fueled by defense and special teams came true. Sigh. Let’s […]