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Basketball Prediction: Stability

We had a little fun yesterday afternoon as we took a stroll down memory lane…and as Mizzou’s Frank Haith became Tulsa’s HC, I, along with a few Twitter followers enjoyed a tongue-in-cheek back-and-fourth about the possibility of Painter going to Mizzou. Is it a possibility right now? Sure. Are some Mizzou fans still gaga for […]


HE’S BACK: AJ Hammons returns to Purdue–w   He’s back! As first reported by…wait for it…the fantastic pros at Gold and Black Illustrated, AJ Hammons will be returning to Purdue for his junior year. Despite AJ’s self-acknowledged flaws, this is the best news Matt Painter has heard in a long while. The Boilers return their most talented […]


’13-’14 YEAR IN REVIEW: AJ Hammons

2013-2014 season recap 11:59pm, April 27, 2014. That’s what AJ Hammons’ 2013-2014 season has boiled down to. A deadline in late April, where he has to decide whether to pursue his (very lucrative) dream of professional basketball at its highest level or return to a place he seemingly enjoys to hone his craft for one […]

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What Trevor Thompson’s Commit means…(basketball gumbo)

Late last weekend, the news of Trevor Thompson’s commitment to Thad Matta broke…and in its wake there was gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands. Thompson’s decision has some implications, some might not be obvious on the surface. Some Purdue fans on the KHC board are convinced that Trevor Thompson not committing to Purdue is […]


SBN Invites You To Meet A Bag Man

You may have already seen this in your Monday internet browsing and Twitter hopping, but if not, take the time to read about the College Football Bag Man, posted by SB Nation’s Steven Godfrey. All it will do is reinforce the seedy business that is big time college athletics, particularly in the SEC. A quick […]

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2014 Black Gold Game Wrap

I’ve been going to Purdue’s Spring game for a long time…but I don’t think I can remember one in which there was so little offense on display. If a defensive end wasn’t in the backfield harassing a QB, a WR was dropping a pass. Etling and Appleby started for the gold and black teams, respectively…but […]

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Winner of BS Challenge Is Again Hotter Than Us

In what can only be described as an unusual twist, last night’s outcome in the NCAA national title game brings the BS Bracket Extravafungasm to a delightfully climactic close. And just like in 2011, our winner gets her choice of which BS staffer she’d like to sleep with. Yes, for those who hadn’t seen this […]

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The BS Bracket Challenge Update

Ordinarily, we check in on how the BS challenge is going and report back to you. This year, for whatever reason, our focus level has waned around these parts. Maybe it was the cellar finish (thanks, Coach!), maybe is was our platform transitioning in the middle of the NCAA’s craziest time. Whatever the reason, we […]


Rooting Interests

We were attacked again last week for saying that we were not blanket Big Ten homers when it comes to the NCAA tournament. We’ve been through this before around basketball, and we went through this at the end of football season, too, when it came to bowl games and the fact that after bashing one […]

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Bracket Busted, IndyCar returns…Sunday Gumbo

So I’m officially out of the running for BS’ Bracketalysis…so I guess I won’t get the chance to be on a Handsome Hour…dammit. The good news is, I edged out my wife in this year’s guessing competition. The ironic twist to this year’s extravaganza is that I will tie my favorite entry nickname: Better Than […]

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The New Look

For those who haven’t yet noticed, BS has undergone another facelift. Hey, we’re getting old…that’s when the plastic surgery starts. A nip here, a tuck there. The new layout is courtesy of our friends and overlords at Bloguin so if you don’t like it, please direct your vitriol there. If you like it, well, we’re […]

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As Rumor Mill Churns…Big Ten Crumbles?

It's OK to mock those who believe message board and Twitter rumors to be facts…and even if some of those things turn out to be true, it's simply not wise to report them as news until something's been confirmed. All of that said, loud and clear rumors are the style of the day in a […]

Conference Call: Postseason Previews, Day 2

Minnesota wasn't terribly impressive in holding off High Point, but for their troubles, they earned a second-round matchup with St. Mary's, as Utah dropped that 4-5 matchup and gave the NCAA selection committee something to be thankful for, a rarity this season. In the meantime, we preview the three matchups involving Big Ten teams today, […]

Do you wanna be famous?

Do you wanna be famous, wealthy and popular beyond your wildest dreams? Of course you do. Here's your ticket: The Boiled Sports Bracketalysis Challenge "Before the Boiled Sports Tournament Challenge, I was nothing…a nobody just toiling away in a small town. Now I work in the city that never sleeps, have a smokin' hot wife…and […]