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Cardinal Does What Cardinals Couldn’t, Stops WBB in OT

Ah, if only I’d known. The women’s basketball team spent the week in sunny Fort Myers after a quick stop in Jacksonville to dispatch the Ospreys, preparing to trudge through something called the Gulf Coast Showcase, yet another in the stream of meaningless non-conference “tournaments” that serve as excuses to play teams you don’t care […]

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Computers and Humans Like Matty’s Boys

I haven’t done this too often in a few years, because really, there has been no reason to do it…But a few years ago, I created the greatest, most ingenious basketball ranking invention ever* called the CCR. Now, for the first time in the history of the world, I publishing this week’s BSCR (Boiled Sports Composite […]


Did You See That? Week 13 And Just/Unjust Firings

Hey, “Did You See That?” is back! Just in time for rivalry week and the season of hare-brained firings. Let’s talk about it. Big Ten Iowa 28, Nebraska 20 – The Huskers have certainly pulled things together after getting torched by Purdue a few weeks ago. So much so that if 5-7 teams are needed […]

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Shoop, Hudson And Others Are Out…What Now?

Last year I thought Hazell needed to make major changes to avoid sinking the ship in just his third year on campus. I was right- Shoop’s offense didn’t improve…Shoop’s ability to develop quarterbacks didn’t improve…Hudson’s defense got worse during 2015 and ultimately, our Boilers had an even worse record than the three wins in 2014. […]

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Zlionsfan and the Three Sports

Saturday, the wisdom of Morgan Burke offered us a rare opportunity: the chance to see games in three different sports in the same day. Naturally, I took advantage of this, because I leave no stone unturned when it comes to reporting on Purdue athletics for you, the readers. Below the cut, I share my experiences from […]

IU fan, Eammon Brennan has already forgotten this.

Isaac Smash

Those who would think that Isaac Haas is merely holding the starting center spot warm for AJ Hammons until he can get back on Matt Painter’s good side will have to wait a little bit longer it seems. Although some consideration should be made for the fact that when Purdue plays the likes of Lehigh, […]

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Boilers make history in Ross-Ade

It’s been 68 years since Purdue lost three straight bucket games. My Dad graduated in 1970…and he’s never seen it this bad. And this isn’t exactly the heyday for IU football — they earned their first bowl game berth since 2007 earlier this afternoon…barely…by pounding Purdue 54-36 in a gray, cold drizzly Ross-Ade Stadium. Clad in all-black […]

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PURDUE BASKETBALL BEAT #32: Season 3 Episode 8, Trophies and Thanksgiving

Purdue won their first regular season title since 2009! Michael, Andy, and Aneesh break down the Boilermakers’ recently impressive point guard play, Biggie Swanigan’s awesomeness, who we think is this deep Purdue roster’s best player, the offensive inconsistencies of the wings, whether AJ Hammons will grab the starting role back from Isaac Haas this year, and […]

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Buckethate – The IU Predicto

The air has been let out of Bucket Hate Week for Purdue fans in recent years. Danny Hope owns the most recent win over the Hoosiers, back in 2012. Coach Hope, in fact, went 3-1 against IU in his four years (with the only loss being that overtime mess in 2010). Before that, Cowboy Joe […]

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Purdue Wins the Basketball Hall of Fame Tip Off Tournament

There’s winning, and then there’s winning with confidence. Winning by a margin. Never having the ultimate result be in doubt. As much fun as it may be to be a casual fan watching a back-and-forth affair (such as the thrilling finish to the Wisconsin-VCU game), watching your team stress and strain to put away a […]

Appleby was a bright spot in the loss to Iowa early

Saturday Wrap-up: Boilers win and lose

It’s not everyday that your alma mater’s basketball and football team begin playing at the exact same time on the same day…But today, we as Boilermakers got to experience it…but much of the world didn’t know. Purdue played Iowa in Iowa City…and got the upgrade to EsPN2 because Iowa’s just outside of the college football […]


Nothing to See Here – The Iowa Predicto

Iowa comes into this weekend’s tilt with Purdue ranked fifth in the CFB Playoff rankings and with hopes of “crashing the party,” as though an undefeated Big Ten team could be considered a party-crasher. The problem, of course, for Iowa is that Notre Dame stands ahead of them and, well, they’re Notre Dame. If the […]

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PURDUE BASKETBALL BEAT #31: Season 3 Episode 7, First Week Reactions

The first week of games have been played, so the Purdue Basketball Beat decided to be friends and record a podcast! Michael, Andy, and Aneesh talk about Purdue’s opening three wins against North Carolina A&T, Vermont, and Incarnate Word, AJ Hammons’ return, Isaac Haas’ improvements, the opening week of Caleb Swanigan’s Boilermaker career, the never-ending point guard […]

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Boilers Bully Cardinals 96-61

Starters: Johnny Hill, Rapheal Davis, Vince Edwards, Caleb Swanigan, Isaac Haas Finishers: Johnny Hill, Stephen Toyra, Ryan Cline, Grady Eifert, Jacquil Taylor   What happened? Purdue blew the pants off of the Incarnate Word Cardinals, 96-61. It wasn’t as close as the score might seem. Yeah. Listen, when the other team’s tallest starter is 6’7”, […]

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Women’s Hoops Fail to Impress Against Jacksonville State

Like any good Boilermaker fan, I can never get enough disappointment in one season, so with volleyball slowly winding to a close and the smoke from football’s tire fire threatening to eclipse any good thoughts about men’s hoops, I figured I’d score some easy JPC points by getting women’s basketball tickets this season. A friend […]

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Boilers Beat Vermont, Show Good Things Do Happen to the Gold & Black

Purdue beat the Vermont Catamounts 107–79 Sunday to move to 2–0 on the season. The game was never really in doubt, as it became clear that Vermont could not handle Purdue’s size in the frontcourt, and when forced to shoot from distance, Purdue hit 18 times. A game like this is actually pretty boring, so let’s […]


“Progressing” Boilers Are Catnip in Evanston

After rolling up 55 on the Huskers two weeks ago, Purdue has seemingly forgotten how to score, totaling just 28 in the eight quarters since then. I picture John Shoop looking at his playsheet from the Nebraska game and just crumpling it up and throwing it away because he didn’t like someone’s posture during a […]


In Appreciation for Normalcy

Purdue is playing North Carolina A&T right now, and hopefully they’ll win, and hopefully AJ Hammons will play, and hopefully Vince records 50 points, 40 rebounds, and 34 assists…but that doesn’t really matter right now. Over 60 victims were killed in Paris tonight, with dozens more being rushed to hospitals as I type. Bombs went […]

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2015-2016 Purdue Basketball Season Predicto!

I’ve written thousands of words about the upcoming basketball season, we’ve recorded hours of podcasts about how special this year could be, and the time is finally here. So we’ll keep this short and sweet.  Your official predictions for the 2015-2016 Purdue Boilermakers men’s basketball season. Let’s make it a good one, people.   J […]

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Here, Kitty Kitty – The Northwestern Predicto

Many of us felt Darrell Hazell was a big upgrade over Danny Hope. If that’s the case, he really needs to begin the turnaround on Saturday. Imagine, if you will, how ludicrous it would be if Purdue now went out there and won their remaining three games this year and then ran the table next […]