The AJ Hammons Nickname Extravaganza

In the Illinois post game, I asked for suggestions for AJ Hammons' nickname. So many ham puns. You guys are the best. Let's look at what we have so far:


I try not to play favorites, but this guy is my favorite BS reader. Everyone else is playing for second place.  

More awesome submissions after the break:

The standard nickname:

Simple, effective. Also, apparently people didn't like my suggestion of THE GREEK GOD OF AUTHORITATIVE OFFENSIVE REBOUNDS:

Rhyme time. Also, much love for the GWOH props.


Phi Slamma Jamma:


Someone's hungry:


So regal. I love it:




So many ham-puns:

Somewhat racial, but forests are pretty scary:

FrodoBaggins knows:


But seriously…this one is my favorite. Not even close:


SwatKing Abdul Jabar. I love you all, so much.

Post more if you got em, either in the comments below or @BoiledSports / @aneeshswamy.

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