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Introducing Kendall “The Kid” Stephens

This has been percolating with me for a few years…ever since I first saw Everette Stephens' son Kendall as a recruit. I've always thought he has a resemblence to Chris "Kid" Reid from Kid 'N Play…If you're my age, you remember "Rollin' With Kid 'N Play", "Gittin' Funky" and the House Party movies.  If you're younger or didn't listen to hip hop back then…you must learn!

So here's the thought process. "The Kid" is kind of Purdue royalty- his Dad played on one of the best Purdue teams during my lifetime (1988; coincidentally, this was the time in which Kid 'N Play was pretty big) along with Troy Lewis and Todd Mitchell. Purdue has struggled to nail down legacies the last few years, sadly…but Matty got it done with Everette's kid, thankfully.

He hit this one.

After watching the scrimmage video at GBI yesterday, I got a little giddy as The Kid hit a few threes from deeper than NBA range. A guy who can fill it up like that will see the court and frustrate opposing teams from very early in his career…Calling him "The Kid" will make his time in God's country seem even longer to other fan bases (i.e. "is that guy still here???").  PLUS, we love calling Matty's boys by nicknames, so I'm doing my best to make this one stick…Help out, won't you?

I know that many of you reading weren't born in 1988…but learning about history is never a bad thing, especially when it involves Purdue basketball and classic hip hop.


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